Bio Ethanol Heaters - Advice & Recommendations

Looking into getting a Bio Ethanol Heater for Indoor (bedroom)

Do they produce decent heat? Can you put the heat up and down like a normal gas fire or is it just constant same heat? I been told by my friend that hers when she fuels up lasts for up to 4 hours. What if you only wanted it on for 30 mins? Basically do you have to judge how much fuel you put it or can you like turn it off when not required, or just let it burn out or blow it out etc?

Wanting to Know any good Makes?

Anything to Look Out for When Buying?

Expected Costs? Is it cheaper than Gas?

Safety ... Can you get them so they are fully covered? The ones I see have 2 glass sheets at either side ...

I know lots of questions. Wanting people who may use them their opinions.

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Can't your friend give you most of the info you require......... just wondered.
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