Bio oil

    Has anyone ever used this with regard to scar tissue,or can possibly recommend a better alternative,thanks,everyone.



    aloe vera gel for me 99%+

    my dad had new knees put in and I think he used cod liver oil to rub in the scars and they healed up very good but I will check withn him and repost shoul d be tomoz maybe weds..

    A thing called mepiform its like a plaster you cut it to size an peel off plastic backing and put on scar.
    It flaturn the scar very well in a week or less.
    Take it off at night wash scar and put a fresh bit on.
    Then wash old bit of mepiform with cold water shake dry and place back on plastic base then in morning its dry and use again.
    I have a lot of scars due to a crash or 5.
    This stuff is great


    I have used bio oil myself i had 3 c sections and used this everytime .... stoped my scar getting itchy and as i have keloid scarring it helped alot x

    I used to use bio-oil but at £8+ it gets expensive so opted for the rescue oil at £1.99 from home bargains / wilkinsons (usually stores nationwide) works a treat though =)

    You could try Kelo's used in hospitals.

    I normally buy a similar thing in the £1 shop which works as well

    I use rescue oil too, it's good. I buy mine in B&M.
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