Biometric Passport...

    Received the new Biometric passport today. Apart from the visible copper circuits on the back of personal details page, other pages are printed with bird watermarks. Odd and looks like issued by banana republic ;-)


    Yeah I know. When I went last year to the US the immigration guy (US one) looked at my passport with some kind of disbelief then pointed his finger at the chip and asked me: "Er.. what am I supposed to do with it?"

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    Thought the US guys behind UK's bimetric venture... :roll:

    The pages look so odd...

    This is exactly what I told him - "you asked for it, now you got it!"

    I know ... they made babies passport biometric :-O

    She was only 4 months old at the time The made my baby bionic baby :-(:-(

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    Its all wierd... Mine is biometric but my daughter's isnt.

    Me and my wife applied for passports same day and I've got biometric one. But she got a normal one. Isn't it odd?

    Nope Kommunist it is quite clear that you are a bigger terrorist threat than she is. They prolly knew your netnick.

    Oops, shall I change it to MrNiceGuy?

    Prolly too late. You be on a squillion data bases. First thing your gonna know is when the SWOT team bungee through your window outta a helicopter and your sitting typing ion your computer in your underpants.

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    Men are singled out ........ ouch :viking:

    Actually, I am typing while still wearing jeans. Could that be kind of a good thing? And how would they know which house is mine? Do you think I should remove my lovely Red Flag and illuminated Red Star from my house?


    Men are singled out ........ ouch :viking:

    Men and four month old babies ... obvious terrorist threats

    I would prolly stick to jeans ... all the time ... cos your gonna be embarrassed walking outta your front door when they haul you out in your underpants

    They know where you live cos they already been on to Edi super mod for your IP :|.

    Babies can become men, so I can see logic here

    As to IP, even communists are not that stupid There are ways, you know :whistling:

    :x Baby is not a man :x

    Are you saying they thought she looked like a boy in her photo? :x

    Do we allow posters using proxy's??
    Anyway they can see in your window via their satellite imaging ....

    I though that it is impossible to find out what gender baby is without actually looking *cough* for evidence *cough*. Did you made picture of said 'evidence' and presented it to The Very Greatest Passport Authority? Of course you didn't, and that was sooooo suspicious!

    Yeh but there is a lil box that says male female on the birth certificate which you got to send to get a passport. Plus she looks like a girl :-D

    How do they know they can trust that clark who issued the certificate? Nah, that's to easy. As to the look - you can't trust it either - just look at Boy George!

    So I got to take a photo of baby nakeid and send it to passport office?

    I think you just want to meet me when they clink you in the cell

    Me? I never proposed it, just explained their logic if there is any. Besides, you just proposed to take picture of naked baby - where is antipaedophile squad?

    Bah, Biometric, looks like it's gonna be a day trip to bridlington for me this year :x

    You told me that it was required :|!

    Now I all jumpy ... glad I got my jammies on Don't want hauled out in my undies either!

    Nah, it is just how to make your baby less suspicious in the eyes of jobworths. Whether it'll make you more suspicious is another question!

    Nah it cool ... I just say that you told me to do it :D. I maybe add you ask me to forward to you to verify I had done it right :p!

    Clunk Click on every trip
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