biorb 60

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these at a good price - only looking to keep two goldfish in the style to which they have become.....


    pets at home?

    where do you live?

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    huddersfield - pets at home had a deal before xmas, but its gone - back up to £129!!

    I have one..but thats too far away!

    They aren't self cleaning either :x

    Try Freecycle....

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    good point - i might as well ask!

    I have just set me up a fish tank, they are such a nightmare! Algae!! ahhh. At least my friend maintains it for me, but still such a pain

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    mamamia - i'll pay postage - what do you want for it - want to private msg me?

    im sorry i just checked and i gotta 30 not 60!..sorry but if you google it found one for £89 on charterhouse aquatics

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    Thanks for the advice - might go for that.


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