Biorb - Non return/check/one way Valve in base

Posted 10th Sep 2012
is the non return valve in the base of a BIORB removeable, inehrited my old mans biorb, i have been cleaning it up, i tried to remove the check valve in the base of the unit and have pretty much massacred it in the process...

i ahve a spare valve to replace it with, but im not etirely sure the one in the base comes out, seems impossibel to budge, have tried oiling it aswell!
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apologies for the spelling in the OP lol, and im aware there is only a slim chance anyone on here will know, have emailed the manufacturer, but there seems to be next to nothing about it on google
I thought you replaced the whole tube with the valve in it?
Is THIS the valve N1K0LIA ?
if so then it looks like you can mate
i have a biorb & all i have only ever replace is the pump a couple of times & the filter kits
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sorry cant see ebay at work mate, but if it kind of looks like a translucent spinning top, then that is the one, they only cost like £1.99 so are cheap and i allready have a spare, thing is i just cant get the one that is in the base out.. and think i am going to end up breaking the filter housing (which seems very difficult to get a replacement for), i'm seriously contemplating drilling the existing valve out, can always glue and seal a new one in if i really screwed up the drilling

but that seems like the simplest way of doing it atm..

@ alistair

the tube has a second valve in it, this is really easy to replace, which i will do, but my issue is the one mounted inside the plastic base (you place the air rock on top of this valve) and jsut beneath (on the exterior) there is a small right angle fitting that you connect a tube to
got a message back from the manufacturer and just spoke to them on the phone, turns out the valve in the base is non removeable, so i was never going to have any luck getting it out lol

they sell the whole base unit as a spare though, and to be honest i think very reasonably priced at £7.70 delivered, so i got meself one of those ordered, and the dude reccomended running some aquarium safe silicon sealant round the rubber ring or else it will leak apparently, so 10/10 for CS from me so far

telephone number for CS / order spares = 01603 710339

so in conclusion i would not reccomend ever removing the screwed base of your BIORB or trying to remove the valve at the base of this unit

just thought id throw that info up incase anyone else happens to need some information on the subject in the future
So no removable BUT you can buy them as spares? Surreal.
no there is a small valve, that is non removeable from a larger base unit that houses the filter, i pressume it is non removeable so as to create a reliable seal that does not leak...

because this valve is almost identical to the easilly removable inline one way valves i thought it was removeable, and subsequently proceeded to break the hell out of it
I didn't know the orb already had a non-return valve fitted so I have added one just before the airline meets the orb - this does away with the need to replace the one that is already inside, just leave it!!
2 years too late mate!
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