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    i played this once on the pc, and found it very good (although that was the first 5 minutes of it). I'm surprised to see it going for as low as £22.99, is the game not actually that good? if you've played it, what did you think of it?


    Tis a quality game my friend, howver seeing as it has been out since Augast it will have gone down in price!

    To be honest I didn't think it was that good, I found the game to be too much fps and very little rpg which is a real shame given the excellent environments. System Shock 2 was the other way round, much heavier rpg based and really had a fantastic storyline where you generally had to explore every corner of the vast spaceship piecing it all together.


    I played this on the 360 and although it looks very pretty, I just couldn't get into it. I play a lot of FPS style games, for some reason this one didn't grab me. I suppose like anything it comes down to personal preference - i just found the environment too restrictive.

    Its very overrated like most games nowadays


    Its very overrated like most games nowadays

    Excluding cod4:thumbsup:


    Excluding cod4:thumbsup:

    COD4 is the one of the games thats lived up to its hype. :thumbsup:

    Bio was ***** at 1st, but you get into it & it's really quite good

    COD4 is the most playable to date (online)

    Speaking of overrated games has anyone played the Turning point demo?
    Its terrible,it looks like a xbox /ps2 game and the gameplay is pants

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    Bio was ***** at 1st, but you get into it & it's really quite good :)COD4 … Bio was ***** at 1st, but you get into it & it's really quite good :)COD4 is the most playable to date (online)

    i'll be honest i'm interested in a good balance of fps and story line. i found this game to have both right from the start so if it gets better later on, then i'll probs get it

    Got it just after xmas but i haven't really been able to get into it, been more inclined to play COD4 and Rainbox Six Vegas.

    Great story to the game and enjoyed playing it

    on the xbox 360 there ain't alot of games with decent stories or games that fallow the story well

    but bioshock is a great game

    alway thats my 2 pence worth :thumbsup:

    i thought bioshock was amazing, deffinatly one f the best games on the 360. You have to play a bit to get in to it as you need to learn all the bits and bobs. once youve completed a level you should get into recommend it to anyone who has a 360...

    and yeah i agree COD4 is THE best game on 360 TO DATE.

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    i found it amazing that you basically take heroin to have "superpowers". its all a drug crazed adventure, could be another sequel to where the buffalo roams & fear and loathing in las vegas.

    i might buy bioshock then, i dont have much time on my hands though. i know i shuld ask this in deal request but anyone know where i could get it real cheap?
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