BIOSLIM weight loss tablets and www-special offers. Beware Free Trial Offer.

Found 17th Mar
Read the small print in their adverts carefully, even more carefully because its faded out and hardly noticeable. They offer a free trial @ £2-95, they claim you are paying just the P.Pk costs. But, the small print says you will automatically be signed up for the monthly offer costing £69-99 per month. They then hit you with debits for goods you never ordered and do not want. Telephone them to complain and they'll say with great sincerity it was an error - but not to worry - they will refund the money taken immediaty, then they hit you over and over again for £69-99, the chances of a refund are zilch, a big 0000. Do not fall for the Free Offer Trick, if you have done so cancel your credit or debit card immediately, tell the bank you misplaced it, don't cancel it and you will regret it ten-fold. For some good reading Google Bio-Slim Scam, it's one of those reports pages that's hard to put down, I understand there is about 10 firms operating this swindle, all make similar weight loss claims, I lost 11 lbs in a week is one such claim, the only praise due to them is they have the most professional con in the UK and USA going. Google it now, be a Nigerian for a day, read a little - live a little and its sad and funny how this con works.
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Yeah no **** you can't lose 11lbs in a week.

There is no such thing as s magic pill.
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This one is as old as the hills. All these free trial ones do the same
If you believe in a magic weight loss pill you deserve to be ripped of by the company
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