Bird poo

    Why does bird poo always seem to be white?


    its all racist crap

    lol well i can tell you hawks pooh is almost always white,chicken pooh well that varies but mostly brown,duck poo can also vary in colour but parrot pooh usually green with black bits and a small amount of white in it lol

    extract from another website:

    " Firstly, it is not actually the bird poo that is white, it is uric acid which is the bird equivalent to humans urine. Without going into too much technical detail, it is white due to the chemical reactions that occur within the urinary system to process the waste matter into a substance that can be safely excreted with minimal water loss.

    Birds excrete waste products from the urinary and digestive tract at the same time through what is known as the vent after passing through an organ known as the cloaca. Because they are expelled at the same time but from different systems, they do not have time to mix which explains why bird mess usually consists of distinct coloured and white parts.

    However, certain foods such as elderberries may alter the colour of birds excretia as the colour of the fruit persists throughout the digestive process.":whistling:

    they poo and wee in at the same time


    You should have asked on Twitter :thumbsup:
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