bird stuck in our wall lol,help......

    Hi for about a month we have heard the sound of birds above our bathroom window,the misses said they must be nesting somwhere,well yesterday i saw one fly out of the air vent on the wall outside,now there is a bird stuck in the wall,i can hear it in the living room,i cant think of anyway of getting it out!!any ideas lol



    It got in, so should be able to get out!

    There's probably not much you can do. Usually they find their own way out in the end. Any efforts to save them may just scare them to death anyway. :?

    i need picture to put my mental images at ease.... people think i'm really strange chuckling to myself.

    poke it with a big stick.

    CAN OF RAID?:w00t:

    Can you get your arm into the vent to pull it out? If not, it may be best to speak to the RSPB!

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    yeh i would need a very big ladder to reach the air vent as its right near to the roof

    Poor thing. If you can't get to it safely, phone RSPB?

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    not being funny but do they charge to get the bird out?

    i dont think they do

    They shouldn't, its a charity. If not, the RSPCA may be a better bet as I had a quick look and the RSPB seem to be more conservation based. Best to give them a call and ask.
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