Birth Announcement for Mum2Connor&Cerys

Just to let you all know my baby arrived safely on Friday evening - rest of my story for those who been following my posts.

As suggested by a good friend of mine I should spend some time on the pilates ball to get the baby's head deeper engaged into pelvis as it wasn't really in much,on Friday afternoon,I felt as though it got deeper down so I decided to call the midwife just to check me over. I was also anxious about getting a sweep done and asked her if she do it for me then but was told I need wait till Sunday.
As it happened the head was further in,but upon checking my BP,she was concerned it was high and I was advised to go in for monitoring and BP checks at the birthing centre in next town on.
My BP was raised and did not settle and so they decided to transfer me to main unit by ambulance,upon arriving there I was monitored and put down for high risk care and a senior midwife was in charge of me.It appeared on the monitor that I was possibly going into labour also,so around 9pm they decided to examine me and found I was 3cm dilated.
As I was on my own and had no one else to speak of my requirements I discussed with them how I wanted things to go,I also asked about pain relief options and made it clear that I was not to be given an epidural no matter if I asked. Midwife explained to me that I was not in established labour at present and they couldn't let me have anything other than paracetamol so I took a couple tablets.
I discussed with her what I was going to do at home as I planned a home birth and she was really good and accomodating and ran me a bath,I wasn't given a time limit for bathroom and they left me to get in about 10pm.
It was pretty peaceful in the bath and I kept emptying the water a bit and topping up,I was getting more uncomfortable but didn't think nothing of it,but then I had the urge to push and about 11pm I struggled to pull the emergency alarm. It then took a further 5mins for me able to get out the bath and unlock the door.
I was feeling pretty confused and dazed and they had to go get me a wheelchair as they wanted me to go back to room and I couldn't walk.I'm kind of stood there with just some small towels partly on me,luckily there wasn't really anyone about,not that I cared and I was rather out of it.
I arrived back in the labour room at 11.07 and they had a hard time getting me back on the bed out wheelchair,then I wasn't on the bed further up enough.My waters broke on their own,at 11.13 midwife confirmed the head was visible.
Midwife was trying pick up the heartbeat with the monitor while trying to see to me,and found the heartbeat had dipped down to about 90-100 and I was told I had to push then.I was wanting to rest in between pushes but told I had to keep going and he was out by 11.15pm. So overall things went very quick and everyone was surprised as I was told not long before I wasn't even in established labour.

Baby boy 6lb 7oz I'm going name him Ciaran.

I got discharged out of hospital on Saturday,had a hard time getting home,I had to wait for my Mum to come with the baby carrier, ( I never took a hospital bag but managed fine! ) Made my way back by bus and train and was in Sainsburys shopping early evening.
My foot is still a bit swollen and they sent me home with some more jabs containing blood thinning drug as they concerned I could develop DVT and I had to go to yet a different hospital on Monday for a ultrascan on my leg to check for clots but all clear.Not easy when you just want to rest and have to go by train and buses.

Baby is doing well and feeding well,he's very calm and content.



congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby boy, and a very warm welcome to the world Ciaran xxx

well done congrats

congratulations I am glad everything went well and you and baby Ciaran are doing well

massive congrats! gonna read ur post now!

Big Congrats to you all xx

btw ... will you be changing your user name now? lol :-D

congratulations! nice name too.

Congratulation and welcome to the world Ciaran

Mod & Ed

Oh well done, congratulations to you all, xxx

Congratulations! :w00t:

congratulations, glad it all went ok and you and baby are both so well x

best wishes to you and family - cant believe you got bus and train home!!!!

awwwww congratulations hun :friends:
bet he's a cutie pie :thumbsup: what do Connor & Cerys think of the newest C to the family?


Congratulations x x

You've been so brave sweetie xx

I hope things settle down for you now baby has safely arrived xx

Welcome to the world little Ciaran!

Congratulations to you all xx



Congratulations on the new member of the family, all the best to you all!

well done you xxxx


Congratulations. Your member name looks too short now 8-)


Congratulations. Your member name looks too short now 8-)

well you can change it for her :whistling: Mum2_c_c&c :w00t:

massive congrats!! we kinda guessed u had ur lil un! we been stalking u! hehe!!

wow tk it in sainsburys the day ur discharged?! how have the older two taken to the new arrival? hows feeding etc going!

so so happy for u..u did so well in labour!

[SIZE="2"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Lovely news & a warm welcome to Master Ciaran & well done Mum [/FONT] [/COLOR][/SIZE]

been waiting for this news
glad all went ok and congrats on the birth of ur new son
my oh suggested the name kiaran to me last night 4 our baby
are u allowed to add pics? (if and when u have the time)
r u breast or bottle feeding?


[SIZE="2"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Lovely news & a warm … [SIZE="2"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Lovely news & a warm welcome to Master Ciaran & well done Mum [/FONT] [/COLOR][/SIZE]

awww that piccy is gorgeous x

Can mum2 share a babypic with us please? xxx

Or perhaps a linky to it, if we need to get around the rules somehow.

Welcome to the world Ciaran!!!

Well done Mum2

Massive congratulations!!! I am so over the mood for you, take care of yourself!

Congratulations Can we see a piccie?

Well done to you all. Lovely Name BTW... Enjoy:thumbsup:

Congrats! Beautiful name........ enjoy your lovely new bundle xx

big congrats! lovely name

Original Poster

I'm not sure if pics are allowed anymore of children,but I've taken loads.

Breastfeeding,he's feeding well.

[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Well done to you hun, I hope both you and baby are well. Gorgeous name :-D xxx[/COLOR]

please could a mod answer if pics are allowed or not?

congrats to you hun, hope everything is fine, best wishes to you xxxxxxxxx

Big cangratulations :-D




Sure, post a pic if you like

And congratulations- welcome to the world Ciaran



Sure, post a pic if you like

Hooray :thumbsup:


I'm guessing you like the letter C?

Are you changing your username now?
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