Birthday Gift Idea's

    Any idea's for a gift for 25 yr old male.

    Budget Under £100

    What would you recommend?


    So, we don't know anything about this male.... you do. We don't know if it is a relative.... you do. We don't know how much you want to spend ... you do.

    Let's help ypou out here:


    I've deleted a few comments. Please only comment if you can offer any genuine advice for the OP / answer the OP's question

    Are they into gaming?

    If so, grab them a currency card, either PSN credit or Xbox credit

    Seeing as I can't give you advice ! How about a years magazine subscription to something he's interested in . Golf, Cycling, Woodwork, Computing etc . Probably be able to get over £100 of monthly magazines for £50 (and probably get £20 - £30 cashback by going through TCB or Quidco) . A Gift that keeps on giving Magazines Direct etc .
    Edited by: "rogparki" 13th Nov 2016

    I would go with aftershave and maybe a gift voucher for a clothes shop you know he likes to buy clothes from

    Amazon voucher, 25 yr old males don't want aftershave, socks or novelty crud!


    A woman? Google Adultwork

    indoor skydiving experience.
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