Birthday Gift Ideas please

Found 5th Sep 2006
It's my girlfriend's birthday on the 18th, am lost for ideas, any suggestions would be greatfully accepted

I had the following in mind
1) Perfume (Chanel N 5) - do you think this is a good choice ?
2) Take her to the Phantom of the Opera - is the choice of show good ?
3) Take an off on the 18th which is a monday and go to St Ives for the entire weekend

I want to do something really nice for her, its her first birthday since we've started and it want it to be really special

Thanks in anticipation :-)

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I suppose it all depends on what she likes doing and what sort of mood you set. Phantom of the opera is reasonably heavy to watch and would tire me a little. Perfume is always nice but she can get that for herself. How about doing the St Ives thing but while you are there take her out for a nice meal (picnic if weather holds) and find something interresting and different to do there. I always think the memories that can be given are better than gifts.

In my opinion, for an 18th you need to buy her something she can keep and im not talking about those boring glass sets everyone buys. I brought my missus a necklace for her 18th and a giant teddy. We are both 24 now and even though the giant teddy still takes up most the room in our house, everytime she wears the necklace on a night out she always Reminisces back to her 18th birthday. DO NOT BUY A GIANT TEDDY! IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER! Your suggestions were great, just remember to take a camera if you go away, good luck



LOL SOme sound advice there!!

Welcome to HUKD qwerty and rudz!

Original Poster

Thank you all for taking time to reply..Thanks Emma for the welcome
I quite like the giant Teddy idea ;-), she loves eeyore, will probably buy her a giant eeyore and take her to St Ives, anybody know where i can get one from ?? Thanks again
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