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    dear friends
    i waanna some ideas regarding my sons birthday.he s going to be to 2.i need to order the cake aswell.any offers around


    go to Asda, take a photo of little one, and get it printed onto the cake. Cost around 7-9 quid


    My little man is 2 on Sunday. Found it really hard to think of things but finally settled on a ride on tractor, it's got a trailer too!!!

    Think he'll love it but thats cos he's car, train, lorry & tractor mad!!

    He'll also get some Lego Duplo bits, a car transporter and probably a few cars here n there.

    Sorry would love to make a cake for you but I'd just eat it LOL!!

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    ha ha ha thanks a lot

    [url][/url] for cakes if your in or near London.

    Took my littln' to the Sealife Center for her 2nd birthday - she loved it! Lots of kids go free vouchers around at the moment too.

    There are also instuctions on the cbeebies website for lots of birthday make and do's - even a Mr Tumble cake!

    depends on were you are. Childrens play areas (ball pools) can be a winner. We have someting called farmer teds (Liverpool/Souport area) they have childrens polay area, tractor rides, even milk a cow if you want.

    As for a cake if you are having a few people costco cakes are worth the money.

    how much do u want to spend? try

    This magic roller (Also known as the Didi Car) is a wicked ride for all the family - why should children have all the fun!

    Boys and girls will be the envy of their friends with this brilliant, ride-on - new to the UK and the next must-have!

    Unique design uses no pedals or batteries -only centrifugal force - just turn the steering wheel from side to side and off you go - forwards, backwards, side - to side - it’s magic! Great fun for all ages - we know cos we’ve tried it! Extremely manoeuvrable and easy to use -the quicker you twist the wheel the faster you go!

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor use on a flat surface.
    Strong durable plastic body and flat-packed for easy assembly. (Visit [url][/url] to see it in action.)

    79 x 35 x 42.5 cms. (Make sure that Dad lets the children have a go!)
    Age 3 - 100!


    Code: 146003

    Try Disney Pixar Car's products my little man loves them, you can pick up sets cheap from Argos and they are releasing a sequel in the next couple of years so should get a lot of use from them.
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