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    My mum turns 50 soon and i'm wondering whether there is any good things to get her. My sister is adopting a tiger (as she likes tigers)...but i'm totally stuck? Any ideas...?


    nice meal out?

    whats budget?

    yeh i'd say take her for a meal

    Visit to the zoo to see tigers then a home cooked meal or meal out?

    Original Poster

    Not really got budget in mind, but was thinking a meal. Not sure about the zoo due to weather but thanks for the idea.

    Spa day/ pampering day
    Weekend break
    Jewellery to match something she already wears
    Family tree
    Theatre tickets
    Studio photograph of her immediate or extended family

    Theatre tickets
    spa day/massage
    weekend away at nice little b&b (can get some lovely ones quite reasonable price, depends on location)
    Family photo

    For mums 30th dad did a 'this is your life' type book with old photos, could do one of those through a photo site (he just did it with photo album, couldnt do it online then!!)

    Get all family together for a meal, then say you are taking her out for her birthday, have everyone surprise her at the restaurant (obviously would have to get everyone to agree to this since they would have to contribute!)

    Hah Hah ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Did you just rearrange my post?

    for my mums 60th I did a lot of little pressies, for example the perfume she used to wear when I was younger, She loves the smell of freshia so I got her a room spray. I got her a shilling from her year of birth. I went to a jewellery making shop and hand made her a necklace and bracelet, I did her a photo of her grandchildren in a frame. Plus a few other things. Then organised her a suprise meal and did all the decorations and balloons etc. And went halfs with my bro on a spa day.

    She said the best bits were all the small pressies as they had taken some thought. Maybe you could burn her a CD of all the songs she used to listen to when she was younger?

    for my dad's 60th we paid for him to feed his fav animals at the zoo the lemurs.... Why not see if a zoo near you can do this too I have a friend who fed the tigers and loved it My dad loved feeding the lemurs too.…ook

    It says booked for 2010 but maybe get her an iou for when its warmer?
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