Found 28th Mar 2008
my mums birthday on monday she will be 47, but what do i get her? i dont want to get her the normal things like perfume, bath stuff, i want to get her somthing really unusual unexpected, but i havent a clue what to get her

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Why not get her one of them pampering health spa days?

How much do you want to spend?

How about theatre tickets (or vouchers) or a spa treatment?

Do something personal....always goes down a treat. try [url][/url]. Think its 10% back with quidco too

got my mum phantom of the opera tickets in london + hotel + meal (for two people) and it totaled £140 - worth it beacuse she enjoyed it soooooo much!! but it is a bit pricy though

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looking to spend about £50 as i already have bought her a few things, dont think she would be interested in a spa day or theatre tickets, good ideas tho, every free time she has shes out drinking with her friends and thats not very often

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Do something personal....always goes down a treat. try … Do something personal....always goes down a treat. try [url][/url]. Think its 10% back with quidco too

oh thanks i'll take a look

give her the cash lol

Why not take her out for the day somewhere & spend some quality time with her, I know my mum appreciates that more than possessions

i got my mum one of them digital photo frames for xmas, put lots of family pics on it and shes made up with it

1-adopt an animal/orphan/water well type of thing.
2-Red letter day- bungee/white water rafting/gliding
3-Tickets for a gig- If shes 47 then she would have been in her teens say 30 years ago so think musci from mid 70's- See if any glam rock bands etc are touring & take her to a gig- don't forget your flares & platforms
4-a big hug 'cos you only get 1 mum!

Hope that helps- sorry i cant be more original but at least they are a bit different from choccies & smellies!!

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i forgot about music she loves meat loaf

Get her a wii!
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