Birthday present idea's for my 2 yr old son please?

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Found 21st May 2008
Im looking at getting him bob/thomas bike for a 2 yr old and adult handle on back.....cheapest deal will be very much apreciated.
A toolbench also would be great and anything bob the builder really or boys toys any idea's anyone ??

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Have you had a look on Thetoyshop website they have pages of thomas the tank toys and you get quidco.:thumbsup:

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thanks i prefer the adult handle bike, the toyshop didnt have any bob th ebuilder bikes any suggestions for other toys?

Take him to meet Bob The Builder and friends at Butlins for the day...

Take him on Thomas the Tank Engine for the day...

My son still loves seeing the pictures and videos from the days out we had meeting his heroes...

Then give him the bike when he gets home...

i brought my son a thomas trike with the parent handle and i have to be honest and say i didnt fin it all that good they cannot really peddle it comfortably as their knees knock the handle bars - it is great for holding onto to them though - we wetn to toys r us sunday and brought him a big boy bike (as i call them) and i do recall seeing a trike with the handle but in a bigger version this maybe better for you as you wont be forking out for another bike so soon like i have, also the wheels are plastic so they get stressed when riding it as the wheels seem to skid on certain pavements whereas a bike with rubber wheels grips better - sorry i havent sold it very well i know but i was having a moan about it only last night.

this is like the one in store at toys r us but i think they have a better selection in store toysrus.co.uk/Pro…098

dont know where you are based but we not long ago went to see thomas on the stage (birmingham) and my son loved it - you could see if they are doing thomas on stage near you, as i know they were touring with the show. we have also been to the thomas days out at different train stations and again this is good. i too have a little one who likes thomas as you can probably guess lol

Oddly enough its my sons 2nd birthday soon too so I've been looking about for toys for him recently.

the ']happy land' stuff from early learning center was a big hit at christmas, its all hes played with (consistently) since, so I've bought him more for his birthday. The airport is especially good value as you get a small playmat with it. 25% discount with ELC if you use the promo code 'FFMAY08' which makes the prices very good.

I also got him one of ]these for Christmas which hes enjoyed, and was one of the only Thomas things I could find that was suitable for under 3's

he has] this bike, bought for him by his grandparents, which is brilliant, although I never use half the accessories it came with! one of the most useful things is that it has pedals on the front wheel which you can 'unlock' so they cant pedal off on their own and theres fold-down foot rests for kids whos legs arent quite long enough to reach the pedals yet.

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wow thanks for your replies

Well he has been to a thomas day on the train but found he was too young at the time he enjoyed the steam train to santa land tho but he aint 2 till august 10th. Just looking for idea's so i an keep an eye out for bargains :thumbsup:

The ELC code will come in very handy though and wow 25o/o ive never seen such a high ppercentage- maybe make up for there high prices but they are well made in elc.

The happy land stuff looks great he loves his little bubble garage he got for christmas so im sure he will love those.

Keep an eye on Toy deals from Boots and Tesco Direct. They often have 75% off certain toys. We tend to buy Xmas/ Bday presents in advance for our boys this way. You may have missed the boat this time araound, but there is always the next sale. :thumbsup:
Boots also sell ELC toys sometimes. In the Xmas sales we bought the Tower of Doom with a 75% discount. ELC stuff is way over priced, even with a 20% code.
Just checked, still some toys at Boots in stock at 75% off.

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Will do spudgun cheers!! Any other idea's ? do you think a kitchen will be too girly for a boy ?


Will do spudgun cheers!! Any other idea's ? do you think a kitchen will … Will do spudgun cheers!! Any other idea's ? do you think a kitchen will be too girly for a boy ?

if he likes kitchens buy it him as i dont think it matters if they are boy or girl, my little one went through a stage of everytime we went to asda going to the dolls puschair section and being insistent that we let him push it all round the shop,
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