birthday present ideas please x

    Hiyas all ive got a 1st 2 30th and twin 7 year old girls presents to buy for in next week grrrrrrrrr any idea on the 7year old girls presents ive got 4 boys lol so no idea what to buy for girls, anyone seen any deals around maybe thanks in advance x


    how much do you want to spend? I have a a 7 year old daughter so should be able to help!

    Most 7 year olds LOVE anything High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

    Hannah Montana stuff

    Tesco vouchers etc

    Original Poster

    its our best mans twin step daughters plus his 1 year old next week plus he has a 11 year old who we cant leave out as buying other 3 lol so just something nice to wrap up for her party really x

    There is some Hannah Montana stuff reduced in asda, they had puzzles half price and also some hair wrap things which were only £2.50 and also a tv game thing for £4.50. Also tesco have toys on sale, so you could get something High School Musical in there.


    Hannah Montana stuff

    and high school musical

    Original Poster

    o fab high school musical here we come lol or hannah montana here we come thanks all it will be so strange buying for 3 girls thanks again for your time x
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