Birthday Presents... particular one for my mum. I'm rather stuck for ideas and as this is a place with items and products galore I thought I'd ask you guys for suggestions.

    Budget at around 50 squids please. Thanks in advance as well.


    How old is your mum? Does she have any hobbies or interests?

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    She'll be turning 50. As for hobbies and stuff - travel, reading, gardening. But as she's turning 50 I'd like it to be something a bit special and different.

    Yeah, for a 50th you need it to be special.

    How about a surprise weekend away?

    Holiday Inn where doing 2 nights for the price of 1 recently, you could check that one out and see if it's still running. Failing that register with the big well known hotel chains and you frequently get e-mails for offers, promotions etc.

    Hope this helps!

    And a very happy birthday to your Mum

    i would think dinner and a show would be great or just one of them considering budget my mum would love either .

    Seen as she's of the age for kids and possible grandkids how about a nice expensive photo album filled with photo's of all the family. You probably have hundreds (hard or digital) of all ages.

    Spend over the top on the album to get a quality one that you would never buy for yourself.

    It will last forever and hopefully remind her of good times.

    Maybe even look at scrapbooking ideas where they stick a ticket for a show the photo is from etc etc.

    Google scrapbooking to see what I mean. It can look really effective.

    ][COLOR="red"]this place seems to do a good range of photo albums[/COLOR]


    Yeah I'd ditto what Greg says, put some time into creating an album for her, she'll appreciate the sentimentallity of it too x

    how about one of the digital photo frames - with pics already loaded

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    Cheers guys, I do really like the idea of a photo album. Dinner and a show also sounds like an excellent idea, I'll have to see what's showing around that time.

    I've still got a couple more weeks to mull all the ideas over.

    So she's going to be 50, and you're budget is £50. Well how about a £50 note!!
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