Bit of a random question on behalf of other half, does anyone have PS3 Call of Duty Moden Warfare GOTY Edition?

    My other half bought this today in HMV and asked the assistant if the disc he put into the case was the right one and asked if it would have a code for the extra maps and wotnot, the assistant asked another person and my oh was told they don't do the code anymore, is this right? Also does the actual disc have Call of Duty Modern Warfare game of the year written on it, and the booklet as well, the box does but neither the disc or the booklet has GOTY written on it and there is no code.

    I don't really play COD so don't really have any idea about this but any info would be welcome before he gets me to email HMV complaining about this on his behalf because he's useless at complaining and says I'm really good.................hang on, that's not exactly a compliment!!!!


    The GOTY WILL always have a code for the new maps in it.

    I don't think the disc has GOTY on, neither the instruction booklet.

    The map code will be on a piece of paper behind / infront of the booklet.

    Go back to them and get it.

    my disk and booklet doesnt have GOTY on it either...

    But I did get a slip with a voucher code on it.

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    Cheers everyone, thanks for the help, will get OH to go back and complain, he wasn't sure they gave him the right disc. Repped!


    I bought goty , map code was inside case on a piece of paper, disc and booklet don't have goty on them, and the case states 4 bonus maps for download.
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