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    I got myself a galaxy s gt-i9000 just 2 moths ago on contract for 18 months with o2. The phone seams to have devloped a fault, The auto rotate does not work, should i request a replacement from o2 or go to samsung. I have contacted samsung and they said i would have to post to them but do ot realy want to do without a phone for 3-4 weeks while i pay for the contract. What advice do people out there have thanks


    your contract is with O2 so them first..

    have you tried to touch the top bit of your touch screen, the setting page should drop down then press the very end button which is an arrow moving in a circular movent that should fix it i had the same problem

    Its almost certainly a software issue, not a hardware issue. Check you don't have auto rotate turned off in software. If that doesn't work you might want to back up your numbers and other stuff, then factory reset the phone.

    when i went into o2 shop they gave me a replacement phone until the other 1 was repaired

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    Not a software problem because have checked the setting and also reset the phone still nothing
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