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Found 10th Dec 2008
I have a plasma tv from currys, the engineers have been out 4 times to try and sort a screen fault, without any luck. They are now coming back on monday to write off the tv and leave me ?vouchers for a replacement. Has anyone had to do this, and what sort of value can I expect. The contract says equivalent specification produt. Its a 42" LG Plasma HD. (Cost appx £1000 2 yr ago) The curry's price is appx £600 for one of these, but Im not sure the spec will match, and if they will give me full value.

Any ideas? thanks.


Probably around the current price... £500-600

you will get vouchers for a tv about the same spec now currently at currys so would think about £500-£600 too

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Appreciate that ,Thanks.:thumbsup:

Thought it would be, just good to check if anyone had experience of doing this,

I'm peed off at having to though, I really like my TV and just wanted it fixed. 4 visits and the engineers have managed to fit 2 out of 3 replacement pcb's. 2 of the visits they did nothing and just wrote down the serial no and re booked to come back!


I eventually cracked after sitting up after a nightshift today, they came did nowt and left, so I dissected the contract, called the helpline and complained somewhat!

Net result is as above, not sure its what I want but? hey what can you do?

Thanks again.

might be able to get a better tv with the vouchers? maybe there will be one on offer when you go in with your vouchers?

One piece of advice, when you receive your replacement vouchers have a look at current models in the store first. Check that they match up with the same spec as what you had. Cos 9/10 you can phone them and usually raise it by a further £50/£100 if you think they are being a little unfair. (Or if your cheeky you can try anyway);-)

This is from experience and the fact that I now actually work for the company :thinking:
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