Bit of advice on Not for resale product from microsft

Found 2nd Dec 2010
Iv got a copy of Office Professional 2010 and I have no need for it but its a not for resale version any ideas how I get around it?
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give to me for free
sell it anyway
I believe the "Not For Resale" only applies to retailers, not private individuals. Its to prevent retailers separating bundled items and then selling them at a knock down price, consequently affecting sales of the full priced boxed item.

Same as the warning on crisp packets from a multipack. Prevents retailers splitting the pack and selling the individual bags at an inflated price. Doesn't stop that little trick happening though.

Just sell it and don't worry about it (I assume you're not a retailer).

Edited by: "Krosus" 2nd Dec 2010
Resale won't be permitted here.

Of course if you can supply the t&c's stating otherwise then do let us know.
dont different laws apply for used goods? for example open? I'm sure this is how CEX can sell rental copies and promo copies?
got it through work for £25 well what il do then is just open up the packaging a little bit and stick it on fleabay thanks for the advice guys
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