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Hi guys,

Looked at buying an iphone. I set up a contract, but the guy set up the wrong contract so the order was cancelled. They charged me the £57 for the iphone. This was 2 weeks ago and still havn't been refunded. I called them and they have no record of the payment but its there on my account.

Shall i let them keep it for a little while longer and use it as leverage (they have been really unhelpful and had to spend hours calling THEM to get things sorted!).

Where does the law stand on this. Surely theres a thin line between a slow refund and theft!

Any advice appreciated

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You're entitled to a full refund. Explain this to the shop that you have the transaction recorded on your account and you want it refunded asap as its basically theft and tell them this, dont call the local shop, call the companys head office.

Then explain to them that you will be calling your credit card/debit card issuer and asking for the transaction to be reversed if you dont get any satisfaction from the company.

I had the same problem when I tried buying a phone last year, It took a while but they did find the order in the end. Send them a copy of your bank statement with that payment on it. And ensure you give as much information to them as you can, if you had a confirmation email, give them all the details from that. even forward it back to them if you can. Its crazy that they can't do a simply task without screwing it up. Shame they didn't send the phone out for 57 quid!! I would keep quiet if they did....

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Thanks for the replies, repped!

The thing is i still want an iphone. Do you think its worth writting a letter to head office explaining how traumitc this experience has been, loss of interst on money youve stolen blah blah, compensation?

I want them to pay for how useless they've been!


If the order didnt go through for whatever reason, there was a credit check done by the network, if that credit check came back negative then there would be nothing the company could do they cant just give you the phone if the network has refused it, if the credit check wasnt negative, however the contract wasnt followed through, then again that will show up on your credit file, if you try another one quite soon after then it might not go through and again there wouldnt be anything the company could do...

With regards to the payment, usually the companies mark the payment on your card, when the order fails they mark that payment again to go back to you even though it shouldnt technically have left your bank, however the whole process by the banks can take upto 10 working days and sometimes more... The bank should be able to sort it out for you and let you know if payment has been taken or if its just marked and also they should be able to get it back to you.

Wanting them to "pay for how useless they've been", lol im sorry its not really going to be them paying its your money they are holding and your phone bill thats going to go up by you having to call them, just speak to your bank and get your money back and try another company for the phone you want.
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