Bit of advise about jellyfish ?

I was watching seven pounds the other day,the new will smith movie and thought that the fact that he owned a jellyfish was pretty cool and was wondering if anyone knew how i might be able to get one?

Well random i know!


pet shop?
try ur local beach

Do you have a death wish?!

Folkestone sea front? There was loads there in the 80's :lol:

Brilliant film btw.

GUYS, Guys, guys....

You're getting it all wrong!!!

The OP is trying to ADVISE us, sillies!!!

His question mark was just a typo!

Otherwise, he'd be asking for ADVICE!!!

Beach. Just remember to pee on the stings.

Original Poster

yea it was,thought it was weird at the start then really got into it!!!

I jst thought it looked cool :$

Do you already keep marine fish/inverts at an advanced level? If not, then forget it for the time being, I'm afraid! It can be done, but only in a well-established marine tank maintained by someone who knows what they're doing. You can't just go out and "get one".

If you are interested in reading about how experienced aquarists keep jellyfish, then see this article:…php


very pedantic, but hey it's only what I was thinking,lol:thumbsup:

guilty as charged!

Are you seriously thinking about getting one then chralph?

they aren't all evil!! I remember one kind in Egypt, harmless and we could pick them up and there was no sting! they would be a great beginners jellyfish

Maybe you'd like to have nasty burning stings that don't stop.

Nature Shock: Jellyfish was on today on five, very interesting program w some decent scientific background, look out for it

awesome movie, watched it friday , great film , best ive seen in a while ,, i acn tell because i didnt fall asleep :P

Original Poster

I was thinking about getting one but not to sure now,thanks for the advise tho all!
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