Bit of fun....Which 2 famous people would you like to meet?

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Found 8th Oct 2010
Hi All

Am just wondering if you had the chance to meet someone famous or two people who would it be and why????

Just a bit of fun for a friday night !


robbie williams and russell brand

sophia bush and kobe bryant/michael jordan (i dont know which one it would be)

su pollard and russell grant

Wearing stockings

Original Poster

Mine would be Robbie Williams to.....and the take that boys but that take me over 2 unless we can class it as one!

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Wearing stockings

Witttt Woooo !!

George Clooney - and also would love to have met Princess Diana

John Candy and John Wayne Gacy.


im doing 3. wouldnt dare leave one out.

tutankhamun, ronnie o sullivan and eminem.

One more Suzi Perry.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sigourney Weaver

ooooohhhh eminen...i likey



George Clooney and Guv


Einstein, Neil Armstrong

tim westwood and BG1


Wow! :DEinstein & DLM


Will Smith and Cesar Milan

jim morrison and sara carbonero


Neil Armstrong

I want to meet his brother Lance.


George Clooney - and also would love to have met Princess Diana

Could be arranged

The Chuckle Brothers

Agree with bossyboots - George Clooney and the late Princess Diana.

Mr Blobby and Princess Diana.

Only here really to say , have a lovely holiday in the Orkneys, to BB ...
... but who would I like to meet?
They have to be famous?
Famous now or famous when?

I would like to meet the most famous of my ancestors, whoever that might be and I would like to meet Nelson Mandela.

Thank you Chesso! I just love that place - very peaceful and the scenery is just wonderful! Its a very long journey though - with driving, stopping, waiting on ferry, travelling on ferry, driving to our friends house, it actually takes around 12 hours. But worth it!!

Thankfully my husband is driving first 5/6 hours so I can snooze in back with Haggis and my son!

Billy Connolly and Alan Carr.


I want to chose 3.Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift.Amazing.

Are you a lesbian?

Suzie Perry - Who i found charm the hell out of and she wouldnt be able to resist and ends up marrying me. One can dream lol.

Justin Bieber - So i can smack the crap out of him.

Stephen Fry (coz I luuuurves him)
and Enid Blyton (just so I could crawl into her mind and be in that magical place, gave me so much joy as a child)
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