Bit of help with some music - MP3 - AAC files!

    Hi guys, just wanted to see if anyone could help out a bit. Here's the scenario....

    I have a 32gb IPOD touch and a pair of Beats Studio headphones, and its my ipod is full up of songs...alot in 320kb, 256kb and 128kb quality....Trouble is i've run out of space and i cannot afford a 64gb ipod touch, so was wondering, if i converted all my mp3's to AAC format, what bitrate will they be in and will i notice the quality of sound difference in my headphones? Alot of my music is Dubstep, grime, hip hop and r'n'b. I have pretty much every genre of music but thats what my library is made up of. And if i delete all my mp3 files after converting to aac will they still be in my itunes folder in my music where i store all my songs?

    I have 5297 songs in total so far and if i can get more but keeping the quality through my headphones i'd be very happy.

    Any help is appreciated and rep will be left for you!


    Why don't you just keep the best ones? I'm sure you don't listen to every single one.

    why dont you convert 2 or 3 tracks while keeping a copy of the original first and renaming the new track so you can see the the different files, then listen to them if you notice a difference then as the previous post(jayy dog) said just delete the ones you dont listen to.
    If you cant tell which is which,start converting
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