Bit of tech advice on graphics card comparison

Whats the best? A 128mb ATI Radeon pro 2400 or a 256mb X600 Dual? I know neither are high end but I've got 2 PCs, I want to take the best stuff out of one before I hand the inferior one over to the kids...

Googled to death and I cant find anything understandable



lemme do a quick check

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Nice one, cheers.

why not go for NVidia?
i had an ATI for years but i really believe Nvidia is better after my switch!

The 2400pro is more recent and probably lower power (consumption).

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Not looking to buy another because I'm not really a gamer or anything. Just wondering if one is better than the other. They are both in dell machines and, like I say, I'm rebuilding one just for the kids to have for school work etc. My one will remain with bigger HDD, more memory and potentially the better card... May stick the with 2400 then if its a bit more recent

check toms hardware charts?
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