Bit off subject but ... Christmas savings, Park or savings account or prepaid card?

Found 14th Jan
Does any body have any advice for me 😊. I’m looking to start saving for Christmas early however park seems a little frustrating to me, I do a lot of purchasing online at Christmas and not in certain stores, their only real option for this is a prepaid MasterCard however the cost is 10% of the balance.

any other ideas?

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Spread your savings among stores like co op, Iceland etc. Some of them give you £2 free when you save £10 (complete the card). Not sure which companies do this now, maybe others can advise, but at that rate it's a 10% bonus.
Couple of things to consider.
Can you trust yourself not to dip into your Christmas savings if you save yourself? Temptation will always be there.
Park hampers and their ilk are there to make a profit. They make the profit from their customers. Part of the money you give them is not going to benefit you but them.
Remember farepak hampers? That spoiled a Christmas or two.
Why save for Christmas now? You should be buying now. I always do my Christmas shopping in January. I got 10 metre roll of wrapping paper for 50p last week and I've got cards, presents and crackers already stashed for a fraction of the price you will pay in December. Now is the time for Christmas discounts, get shopping!
Thank you for your comments about Farepak, although park does have more protection as has agreed to pay customers money into an account separate from their own, meaning customers are much more likely to get their money back.

i cannot do Christmas shopping now as the people I buy for would have changed what they need quite a bit in a year, my son is 3, I don’t have a clue what he will be into next year, my mum may be moving to Spain and need money for household items or may be living here and not need anything like that etc, too much change in my family unfortunately.
Why can’t you just open a new separate bank account and commit yourself to putting say £10 a week away into it and by Xmas you should have £500 which you can use for food and presents. If you save with Park you are captive to spending via their designated retailers rather than spending where you want to usually at cheaper prices. If you’re worried about dipping into it during the year have 2 designated signatories to access it.
My work have just started a Christmas savers scheme where you can opt to have a chosen amount deducted from your wages every month and then osid back in a lump sum in October for Christmas. I think it's s brilliant scheme and more employers should offer it.

i have in the past bought stuff in sales or other bargains through the year to go towards xmas and birthdays, but I realised I was buying things for the sake of it and the gifts I was giving were less personal as they were just assigned from my stash. So I think I need to start questioning myself when I spot a bargain as to whether I really need it lo
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