Bitterwallet National Who Care's Day Competition

    Some people may remember a competion that Bitterwallet did way back in November, if anyone cannot remember the link is below announcing the winners...…382

    James Gladstone, that being me, was the fortunate winner of the reasonably new at the time Samsung Galaxy Tab. Well it is now over 4 months later and I still haven't recieved the aforementioned not so new any more, soon to be out dated by the newer version samsung galaxy tab. All I have recieved are some emails saying 'I will recieve eventually, I promise'.

    It's pretty good for a site that is there to help consumer issues and they also have the audacity to have articles on companies over christmas taking 3-4 weeks to deliver items, at least they had the excuse of bad weather. I've still not had a valid excuse on why I haven't got it other than this taken from an email recieved on the 27/01/11....

    'Yes, still no prizes. I've got to the bottom of the mystery - this from our member of staff at head office:
    I ordered them before I was sent the money for the prizes using my credit card. I've just looked on my account however and the payment has been rejected on them, sorry. I rarely use my credit card, and it seems my CC company have flagged that checkout as a fraudulent transaction. I've reordered now with my debit card so they'll be on their way soon. I didn't receive an amazon email notifying me of any problems so I'm not sure what happened there. I've spoken to Virgin, my cc company, who inform me it's common practice for high value transactions to flag on rarely used accounts.
    So apologies for the delay, it's been far too long and I'm sorry about that, but they're now on their way.'

    The last line saying they're on their way???!!! Either amazon delivery has gone way down hill or I'm getting mugged off.

    Well anyway I last sent an email last Thursday and still waiting for a response.

    Any thoughts?


    Wonder if Bitterwallet will now run an expose article about themselves?

    Original Poster


    Wonder if Bitterwallet will now run an expose article about themselves?

    I was thinking about contacting Len Dastard

    Maybe do a 'Sorry Brownrooster' video like the one they featured about glassesdirect?
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