Bizzarre experience, anyone had this?

    I was in Wakefield with my 3 year old daughter today, when a charity collector for the NSPPC came up to me. Told him I didnt have time (fed up of sob stories to force you to sign up to a DD!) to which he replied 'well can I have a hug instead then?'
    What was all that about?! Pickpocketing or something?! Creepy!
    'No I dont want to hug a strange man in front of my impressionable daughter thanks!'


    I was just lonely and wanted a cuddle

    When I had my 1st daughter with me in town, she was about 1 then, this greenpeace man walked up to me and at that time I was dull and stopped at anyone who spoke to me.
    I signed up gave him all my details, didnt think nothing of it as I cancelled the DD when I came home.

    But about 2 weeks later I had a phone call from someone called "Mike" asking when he could pop round. I thought it was my DDs godfather but didnt recognise the voice, I said I would ask my husband, he then said can we meet without your husband. It was then that I realised it was this greenpeace man. He admitted to it after I asked him! oO

    I couldnt believe he had used my info like that from just an innocent stop in town. My husband was tamping and called greenpeace up themselves! I hardly got an apology from them!
    I have never stopped with anyone since.

    I would think yes maybe pickpocketing, or just a big freak

    There was one in my local town the other day too, only stopping woman and only younger attractive woman at that (yes I did get stopped! lol) But I found him really creepy too!

    Sean Lock calls them Chuggers (charity muggers) or Chunts..........



    Sean Lock calls them Chuggers (charity muggers) or Chunts..........

    and he is right

    More than half of these people dont give a monkeys about the charity, its how many people they can sign up depends on how much they get paid, i hate it when they come to your door at 8.30pm & wont take no for an answer.

    Was he fit???


    NSPPC? National Society for the Protection of Precious Cuddles perhaps?


    Chuggers love me I am so generous with my ex's bank details.

    Sounds like a sad person.



    look it up a guy started it in sydney australia, standing with a sign round his neck years ago......he ended up becoming famous for it and appeared on numerous tv shows and music videos culminating in with oprah

    havnt seen him down outside myer recently tho, although you get the occasional group of schoolies doing it still
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