black american style fridge freezers-help!!!

    i'm currentlly having a new to choose the fridge freezer next. got a black range cooker-so ideally want black fridge. saw 2 in local currys store on weekend-both for £5.99( which is actually cheaper than online??)
    have any of you got either of these,which do you think is better? thanks in advance:
    whirlpool 20RBD3J
    daewoo FRSU20DCB
    also, online is free delivery-will they match that if i buy instre? thanks


    cant be much cop for £5.99:whistling:

    Original Poster

    wish it was!!! supposed to read £599!!

    yeah they will match online instore just ask

    Have you seen ]these ?

    We did exactly the same as you - bought a cream range cooker and went looking for a cream american fridge-freezer.

    Got both from Rangemaster - the cooker is brilliant, I love it, but the fridge-freezer has been nothing but trouble and even now the ice dispenser is not working as it should.

    So, I would recommend you avoid Rangemaster fridge-freezers. Although having said that their after sales service has been very good, they have replaced it once and repaired it twice in it's 2 and a bit year life !

    Hope this helps

    Also have a check here; [url][/url] (or somehting like that) I got a fridge freezer for 140, whicxh was selling for 330 on the main site, all because of a tiny dent the size of a 50p pence.

    Ive got daewoo one. Had it just under a year now, so far so god, no problems, it looks the part, and does its job well.Only thing is that your meant to change the filter every 6mths but thats with all frigefreezers with the water/ice dispenser. This fridge has a wee filter light that comes on after the 6mths... ive still not changed mine and its still fine... really need to get round to doing it I guess tho.
    My only complaint over this one is that its really difficult to keep clean... well not clean but like even after its been cleaned you can see little smear lines etc.... but its not a major issue.
    Hope this helps, Carol x
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