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Found 1st Sep 2006
So.. after dealing with hotukdeals.com/for…ins, I need to buy curtains for my home office. The room is all black and white (black furniture, white walls), so I prefer black-n-white curtains for it.
And this is where I stuck. I don't want suede, velour or silk ones, just cotton, preferrably with lining. Just plain black and white - no flowers, trees or Jeremy Clarkson face on it. Something minimalist and predominantly black. Or black with white stripes. Or white with black stripes...

The other problem is that drop should be at least 80" but most of ready-made curtains are 72" max.

Any ideas? And no, this season's favourite "chocolate colour" is not good

P.S. I'd rather do price research for another Hi-Tech (or "esotheric" (c) Admin) gadget It is much easier!
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I've just has the same problem as my sons room is black & white & I couldn't find any curtains with an 85" drop as the longest they seem to do is 72". My solution was to buy a pair of plain black ones with a 72" drop & insert two different width white panels at the bottom of the curtains, they look great & are also really trendy.
Thanks for advice, Lorraine. I'll pass it to my wife but first I need to remove all heavy items within her reach
But seriously, I really like the idea.
I struggled with this request Kommunist, but I have found some. I don't think I am allowed to post ebay links. So you need to search in Home & Garden, then bedroom, then bedding, then bedding sets. Type black into the search box. I found some very nice black & white curtains by this method. Not lined though, you would need seperate detachable lining.
I am sorry to admit it but I failed to find it, Christmasshopper. Would you mind to post link by using Private Message? I am quite sure that mods won't complain about it
Feel Free to PM....

Its meant for such purpose
I have PM'd you.
I received it, many thanks!
Both designs look fantastic. If only they were longer than 72"
:shock: You might even have to leave the comfort of your own home and go out shopping for this one.

I'll keep looking though.
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