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    [SIZE=2]I have finally decided to buy a laser printer for my new little home business since I will need to print alot of black and white logos on A4 Glossy sheets of paper.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Can anyone recommend a cheap one. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]PS. I found this one [/SIZE]][size=2]http//ww…ZE][SIZE=2] (I can get also get 5.5% back from quidco) but the only problem is that I don't know whether it will print just as well on glossy paper. But I need more options[/SIZE]


    Wouldn't go for the dell. Get yourself on ebay and buy yourself a refurbished Brother 2030 or 2070. These are sent out by Brother themselves. I picked up a Brother HL2070N for £39! Comes as new, but obviously it has been refurbished.


    [url][/url] are doing a lexmark for £49.99 + p&p, here:…505

    However, the Samsung, a fiver more expensive, has consistently reviewed better. Here it is:…045

    Quite often ebuyer do sales and I've seen this as low as £40 + p&p.

    PCWorld are also doing one for £49.99, which you will get 3% back on quidco for in-store pickup, oh and I notice there's free delivery on this item, so you'll get 6% quidco on it, bringing the price down to £46.99. Not bad.…id=

    Hope it helps!

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. That was really helpful.

    I had a look at ebuyer and the first one as you said has not go good reviews, especially the first one about the toner being more expensive. The others seem a good price. But after reading some reviews, I found that brother makes the one of the best laser printers out there.

    Comparing the prices on ebay and amazon, I found that I can get it for about half price from ebay and know for sure that the sender will send the item since it is Brother UK selling on ebay.

    Thanks both

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