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Posted 3rd Apr 2014
Hi, I have a HASTINGS SMARTMILES black box in my daughters car. Very pleased with the product, but we have one issue. The box records on Speed, Time of Day, Braking and Acceleration. Grades out of 100.
My daughter has an overall score of 84/100 which is good. But on the individual components she is getting 100/100/85/20 as an average. This means she is being ultra sensible except for Acceleration, where she is competing with Lewis Hamilton!

This makes no sense as I know she doesn't accelerate quickly and I have driven the car on a day she hasn't and got similar scores. That's driving with almost no accel. at all.

My question is, has anyone else experienced occasions when the black box in their car has recorded false data, and, if so, what did they do about it?
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