Black box on one street lamp post facing house beeping

Posted 28th Jun
3495319-7z5x4.jpgThere is a black little box cable tied on a street lamp post facing house not road , keeps beeping every few seconds , it has a screen and red button on it but no other lamp posts has it and it wasn’t there last week it is a recent thing and never seen it before does anyone know what it is ?
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Take it down an look for a part or model number to google
Could be an air quality sensor or something similar.
If so, probably not setup correctly and the beeping is to tell the engineer to correct it.

Call / email the council and tell them about it, lamp post should have a code on there so they know which one it is
Traffic monitor?
Looks like an air rifle target to me
kevlfc29/06/2020 00:23

Comment deleted

This. Obviously the most likely scenario.
It's an anti cat device, seems like a neighbour has put that on
Is it really high up or are you a midget?
MrKrabs29/06/2020 08:26

Is it really high up or are you a midget?

He's a cat. He can't get into the house opposite and wants to know if this is the culprit.
It's an anti benefit fraud device, it's watching you.
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