Black computer desk.. Any ideas?

    Moving to new house soon... just completed painting walls in white. All electricals (sockets, switches, lamp, etc) are in black...
    So.. aim is to make room as black-n-white as possible. Apart from laminate, which is in oak, of course.

    So.. I am looking for ideas Basically, I need computer desk and a couple of shelves/bookcases. Room has two windows, so not all corner stuff can go there (for example, Ikea's Mikael range won't fit)...

    Looking for something contemporary rather than old-fashioned. Ultra-modern is if interest too Like MFI's aircraft table (if only they did it in black/white, rather than birch veener).
    Oh, satin steel is OK too

    So, this time I need ideas rather than best price. Thanks in advance.


    Here's an idea:

    Only kidding, I'm taking a wee look...!

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    I saw first one at euroffice. Looks OK, but I don't really like that wooden part. The second one is really plain vanilla.

    I am after something really strange, like

    black glass stuff will do as well. I like this one: if only it would have black glass on top...
    Also I am not sure whether glass shelves would be able to accomodate my 40kg monitor.

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    The first one is from the same store as one on my second picture. It is very nice and it got white stained glass top.
    The one for 800+ is very interesting but a) of questionable practicality and b) Jeez, what a price tag!

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    Another interesting one:

    I rememer when we had an RM Nimbus at school in a safe like that Kommunist. Must have been 15 years ago now but you wouldn't see any computers in safes in schools these days!

    you wouldn't see any computers in safes in schools these days!

    Thats coz it's the kids that need locking up not the computers LOL x

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    Just picked Staples brochure in store. They got new collection called "Black-n-White" Looks very nice.

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    So... after a long search (just look at thread starting date), I finally bought my black-n-white desk off Ikea. It belongs to Mikael range and comprises of desk, add-on and drawer on castors.

    And I only paid 106.90 for all this

    [SIZE=2]Thats pretty good going![/SIZE]

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    Thanks gary!

    Ikea says its black brown - so how black is it?

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    It is black-ish. To me it looks almost black, only if there is very bright light I can see that it has some brown in it. Anyway, it is a very nice colour. Quality is typical Ikea - pressed paper and chipboard, so do not expect it to last forewer.
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