Black Coverse Shoes - Size 12.

    Hey, i'm looking for some more help.

    I'm wanting to buy some size 12 [UK size] Black Converse shoes, that look like this:

    I'm wanting to spend upto £30, and i'm having alot of difficulty finding them so don't worry if you can't. Just thought I'd see if anyone else knew of any.

    Thanks 8-)


    I'll tell you the truth adam, I've seen them in TK Maxx a few times for £15... but in most other stores they are quite dear...

    Here's a place for £30.99 delivered:


    That's all I can see.

    Original Poster

    oohh i'll have to visit there tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

    Also thanks for the link, but I was wanting the ones with the upper bit too.

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