black digital/ led watch with Mickey mouse ?

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Found 7th Nov 2016
hi all could anyone help me out son keeps mentioning about a black digital/led watch (square faced) that also has like a Mickey mouse character on the face (I think he means the digital face can be changed by a button..though I'm not too sure..would anyone have a clue what these watches are as I've hunted the internet and just keep coming up the Mickey mouse face watches...please.


I believe it is the Apple Watch

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thanks I'll have a look now.

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oh darn I hope it's not the Apple watch..just seen the price £299-£399..

That is the one that's been advertised on the TV lately.

There may be others though. Epson do a Smart Canvas series of eInk watches that have featured series like Peanuts, Star Wars and Miffy. Although come to think of it they're much the same price.

Cheap smartwatches are easy enough to get hold of. I assume they're fairly lousy hardware wise (even by smartwatch standards) but if they ran Android or something then you could probably get a similar clock face easily enough.

I think he means this

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thanks everyone. .seems it is an Apple watch ,lovely watches but I'm not forking out that kind of money ..he can choose a different watch lol.

A fake apple watch, maybe, not sure if they do the Mickey mouse face though.

You can get the original watch which are between 120-200 perhaps secondhand maybe?

You can get the same Mickey Mouse watch face on most Samsung smartwatches using Mr Time Maker app. Used it on my Samsung Gear 2 Neo for a bit.
Check HERE about half way down!!

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