Black Friday 2017 or 2016?

Found 24th Nov 2017
This year I feel like this year Black Friday was rubbish!
My opinion
What does everyone else think?
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Other than glitches (Ps4 pro Curry's) its been a sad black Friday.
I agree, I think what you have written is your opinion.
I'm glad to be of service.
Original Poster
I hope cyber Monday is better tbh
Seems to be mainly console and games deals again this year. Nothing of interest for me really this year. It will be a great black Friday for anyone after an xb1 though
it has been very low key tbh
Yeah no fun this year.
Tuned in to the news and no breaking news of fist fights and hair pulling over unbranded TV's and what not.
Bah hum bug
There's nice.
Can't grumble, ended up needing to urgently replace my daughters laptop and got a basic one from Argos, sons phone was dying so picked up a cheap hauwei p10 lite and got my Tp link plug . That said got two of those the week leading up to Black Friday. Certainly didn't find any spur of the moment must have that type things though.
Ever since we imported this it’s been crap. Just a money making exercise for the big firms.

You will notice that prices are better before the event and run up to Christmas.
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