Posted 27 November 2020

Black Friday

Who thinks this Black Friday has been good/bad? Personally I never got the buzz of it because of our current situation with Covid around and never seen nothing to excite me anyway.
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  1. Onlydongles's avatar
    It has been a Con Job past few years. Another marketing gimmick, dreamt up by the Americans to fleece UK punters.

    At least, across the pond, there are some genuine deals. Over here, it is just shifting old stock and a token reduction on VERY few items to gain marketing hype.

    But the plebs love it, for bragging rights.
  2. deleted2215657's avatar
    4500 degrees heat for a £5 saving of one of the most divisive games in gaming history, a £25 game is the “top deal” on Black Friday, 2020 HotUKDeals in a nutshell . Something like that “deal” wouldn’t even get 200 degrees heat 5 years ago, back when deal posting had credibility and 1000 degrees was a proper achievement. (edited)
  3. Mendoza's avatar
    I’m still reading the other two hundred threads about this .

    so I’ll get back to you in due course
  4. More_Chips's avatar
    Astonished at how poor it is up to last year. Everywhere had PS4 controllers for £30 - can’t even find one reduced to £40 this time
  5. rsg444's avatar
    Thought this was a really poor Black Friday. The deals in the month up to the day itself were much better.
  6. zee2976's avatar
    Bad. Last year was a-lot better especially the ps4 deals and tvs. Most the tv’s are £1k+ i was looking for something around £500 but there wasn’t much. Also Zero ps4 deals even though the ps5 is out and was expecting them to drop to at least £200 like last year.
  7. Gollywood's avatar
    Since the last few threads, I think things have improved, but who's to say BF turns into a disaster between 21:06-21:59 when the next few threads on BF are created
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  9. jak22's avatar
    Prime day wasnt any better with 14K heat on a deal for people buying £100 gift cards thinking they were getting £10 free money

    To be honest online places have done very well this year - its high street stores, pubs, restaurants etc that would appreciate the business
  10. deleted2215657's avatar
    More_Chips27/11/2020 21:50

    Astonished at how poor it is up to last year. Everywhere had PS4 …Astonished at how poor it is up to last year. Everywhere had PS4 controllers for £30 - can’t even find one reduced to £40 this time

    Ikr where have the PS+ sub £30 deals gone that usually popped up around this time of the year (or June, or on Prime Day)? This year’s Black Friday has turned into Cack Friday.
  11. Toon_army's avatar
    I haven't had a chance to have a good look through been busy with cars today
    Hopefully theres something to buy! Wouldn't mind a new phone
  12. JHD007's avatar
    Costco have had some decent stuff on this year, usual Amazon devices from Amazon too ( as expected )

    The rest of it has just been like meh.

    Every Black Friday is the same talk about overhyped
  13. rimalpatel007's avatar
    2016 and 2017 were good, after crap
  14. moneybanks14's avatar
    I got deals...convince me they are bad...

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