Black Friday or Boxing Day Sales?

Posted 22nd Oct
I am planning on buying my first home sometime next year and I am going to start getting bits n pieces for it.

When would the cheapest time to buy the likes of a large TV, kettle, toaster and other electric appliances be?
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Black Friday has been poor for a few years now. Best deals usually start from 5/6pm on Christmas Eve through New Year.
Compared to cost of a home, a potential 10% saving on a £10 kettle has little relevance, especially considering the mandatory retail warranty of 6months will likely have completely/almost expired by time of use in new home.
Make a list of items you need, set a budget, set a moving month and put away a certain amount each month into a household account.
You also wouldn't want to be moving all the extra items.

There is always Easter sale and always deals about.
cheapest time for large TV, kettle, toaster and other electric appliances, usually Q4 to Jan, as 2019 and older models make way for 2020 models

As to your specific question of "Black Friday or Boxing Day Sales?" [Do you count the pennies or tens of quids in your mind for the word cheapest in approximation? ]

It should be cheaper on Boxing Day and after as models left over from Black Friday are discounted further because "the end is nigh". (stock and product cycle) Black Friday is more of a tactical sale to track year end sales quotas for bonuses.
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