Black gunk coming out of shower hose & head.

Found 26th Aug 2017
Greetings everyone, this morning mother went to have a shower and when she turned it on black gunk started to ooze from between the hose connector and shower head and also from the back end of the hose connector.

The shower is a Mira electric shower, the hose was replaced a couple of years ago as the old one split (just cosmetic) and the head is the original that is descaled once every 4 to 6 weeks due to living in a hard water area

Removing the hose from the box on the wall the water is flowing clear and free and there is no other black gunk evident on any taps or in any toilet cisterns.

The shower is solely fed from the mains supply (the shower heats the water up), the pipe comes up from the cellar and on the first floor branches via a T piece to the shower and a water tank in the loft.

The section of pipe that feeds the shower from the T was replaced about 2 months ago due to a dripping joint, when this was replaced the hose was removed on the shower and water run through to clear out any gunk from the work.

Inspecting the shower/hose the only problem I can find is the rubber seal on the hose connector that attaches to the shower head is missing.... and it wasn't when the head was last descaled. (For the record the hose has never been descaled and the seals have never come into contact with any descaling solution).

The only thing I can possibly think of is that in the few weeks since the shower head was last cleaned that the rubber seal on the hose connector has liquidised..... is this even possible ?, am I barking up the wrong tree ?

Any thoughts, as I'm reluctant to buy a new hose for it to happen again, as they aren't cheap. (The hose is stained black and I can't clean it off).

Thanks for any input/advice
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Sounds like mould due to water being left in the hose and a damp environment. it's quite common and easily washed off.
Are they doing any pipework nearby? This happened to my Mum, silt had gotten into her water supply.
dozstanford1 h, 44 m ago

Then this isn't it as even cream cleaner and a non abrasive sponge arn't …Then this isn't it as even cream cleaner and a non abrasive sponge arn't cleaning it form the hose. The shower has been there well over 15 years and this has never happened before.

It will have lime scale with it. Soak the hose in white vinegar or cillit bang. No idea why you never had the issue before but it's common in hard water areas if you have a slow drip. s the minerals in the water building up and the mould grows on it.
You sure the shower hose doesnt have a standard fitting in which case you can get a new hose for a fiver? You'll get a washer with it too
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