Black JVC AV28T5 28" Widescreen CRT TV

Found 23rd Dec 2005
Just like the title, i'm looking for the black version of this TV without an extras such as DVD player etc, but am having trouble finding any. The co-op store has them for £279.98 delivered but doesn't state if it is or isn't the black version so i'm waiting on a reply from them.

thanks in advance
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I have a black Thomson 28" Widescreen which has done a superb job for 3 years and had trouble getting hold of that, seems to be only them, JVC and Sanyo that do black, I dont like the silver ones would just look too light in my room full of mahogany.

Tesco have them but silly money (£500+)
The Co-Op price is ok, also at be-direct same price, be-direct.co.uk/pro…040 but what about this
cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/…164ok not exactly same model but save £80 and seller has huge feedback all 100%
wow, thanks for the fast reply. I think ebay is a last resort personally, for some reason I feel safer ordering from more official websites.

be-direct seems like a good one if it's black, as it comes with the stand and the co-op one doesn't state that it does or not.

I know what you mean about having to hunt for black widescreens, I just got a 26" LCD screen but after using it for a bit I've decided the picture quality of LCD's isn't really up to scratch or worth the money. One thing I like about it is that it has a black interior and silver surround, I think if the silver were next to the image it would make it seem slightly washed out where as the black makes it seem much crisper so I've decided to get a black CRT if I can.
I agree on LCD I reckon a good CRT is at least as good as LCD or Plasma. Im sure others disagree though.
Just spotted a Black JVC 32" for £320 delivered, excellent offer. Not heard of the retailer but no reason to think they arent ok. A search at [url]www.betterwhois.com[/url] shows Thye have been around since 2002 online at least.In fact am seriously tempted myself now! Another thing I like about JVC is most of their models have 3 scarts


Yea, well I think all CRT's will be better than LCD at the moment. The CRT I was comparing my new LCD to is over 10 years old and it still looked better.
Thanks for the link, I saw that one earlier but I think 32" is a bit too big as it's for my bedroom.
Well, I asked the Co-Op if their one was the black version and they gave a very polite and speedy reply which gives me some extra faith

Good Evening,Thank you for your enquiry. The model that we stock, is the … Good Evening,Thank you for your enquiry. The model that we stock, is the 'black' version. We have them readily available, and would be able to deliver to you as early as Thursday 29th December.If you would like to proceed with an order, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0845 7000100, or alternatively, respond to this email and leave me a contact number for me to call you on. I am in the office this evening until 9pm.I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.Kind Regards,

There is a pretty nice loking Daewoo TV on sale for 199 at currys. Not sure about it's quality though, has anyone had any experience with their TV's in the past?

Daewoo 28'' Pure Flat Nicam With Built In 'TOP UP TV' Freeview Tuner - DUB2850

# Easy to use
# CRT - the optimum in picture quality
# Fastext - for quicker look-up of videotext pages
# Nicam Stereo Sound - high quality stereo sound
# Pure Flat - allows a cleaner and sharper picture with minimum distortion and reflection
# Widescreen - for a better viewing experience
# Full Auto Search Memory - automatically scans available channels,and tunes them in
# Two-tone stylish design
# Nicam stereo sound
# Fastext with 10 page memory
# 50hz scanning
# Full auto search memory
# Auto tuning system
# On timer / sleep timer
# 16:9/4:3 format change
# Automatic volume correction
# Child lock
# RCA / Headphone jack
# Scart jack 1 & 2
# 8 days epg
# MHEG5 (digital text)
# Top Up TV available

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