black marks on beds. but NOT bed bugs

Posted 3rd Jul 2015
so over last 2 weeks we have been in a state of panic over the possability of having bed bugs. the story starts 6 month ago

in out main bedroom we found 2 large black marks on the matress cover, they looked like a ink pen had leaked or mascara had smudged. anyway we didnt think much of it. that was 6 month ago. 4 weeks ago we found another 2 marks exacly yhte same on the duvet cover in the spare room. strangly enough it was exacly where one of our cats was lay most of the day (this observation is important)

over the next 2 weeks we have found the odd ink spot on the matress cover in the main bedroom and odd black specks on pillows and on sofa cushions downstairs

now, neither of us have been bitten AT ALL during this 6 month period and we have not seen a single bug, i deep cleaned both bedrooms last week checking everywhere bed bugs would be hiding and nothing i also used a good bedbug spray to do both bedrooms.

iv called 2 bedbug firms and both pointed out the following facts

1. the original spots were found 6 month ago IF they were bedbugs we could be infested with 100s of adults that we woud be easily finding and we would be getting bitten constantly
2. the areas we have found the spots are where the cat is lying (or was up until 2 week ago) tho cant really keep them from living room.

they say we have not got bed bugs which is a relief however its a headache now wondering what the heck is the issue, i thought perhaps something is stuck in the washer but then surely our clothes would show the same signs

coud it be another kind of pest that is on pets? we use flie killer on pets, i cant see anything online about toher insects that could leave these marks
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