Black Ops 4 possibly DLC free?

Found 19th May
With no sign of a pre-order edition including a season pass, rumours are circulating that the DLC may be free.
We all know how Activision love milking its customers, so how do people think they’re planning on doing it this year?
Cosmetic purchases only? Or a Fortnite style ‘battle pass’ to rank up?
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Probably charge for every in game bullet used.
Probably charge for every in game bullet used.
COD points ... they make millions from them so why charge an extra £30 for DLC ?
I don't know or care at this point. It looks like the same as Black Ops 3. Same old

There will be a catch no doubt!
SerpentSuicide2 h, 27 m ago

Probably charge for every in game bullet used.

Hopefully will reduce the amount of lmgs spraying
I can imagine they'll be some form of DLC map packs for multiplayer and also loot boxes and microtransactions in all elements of the game.

Personally for me it's one game I won't pick up as I play them initially for the campaigns, this is just following a trend which will go away at some point
If it’s like black ops 3 it will be a damn good game.
Always a money grab.
Don't waste your money it's the same as black ops 3
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Bit more info on the free dlc rumours here
Or just maybe (after the horrendous consumer revolt with EA's Battlefront II) it could be the start of the games industry returning to a better time, prior to all the 'fleecing for everything' malarkey?

Perhaps developers are now realising that Day One DLC can also pee a lot of people off, in much the same way loot boxes and paying to win does.

Personally, when I see various launch bundles like 'Standard Lacking Content Edition' or the 'Some Extra Content Ltd Edition' or the 'Double Muggins Day One £100 Premium Edition' makes me forget the game all together and walk away from buying any version.

So for once, I may support this game at launch. Will see if there's an ulterior motive first I guess! ......
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