Black Ops

What Rank Are You?? Im 2nd Prestige Level 24


have u ever kissed a girl?

Original Poster Banned

Obv Mate But Keep To The Question Please

Why Do You Type Like A Tard?

i've stayed on 50, don't play it enough to prestige a million times

I can't remember what prestige I'm on.... think I'm on 6 or 7, but would be 15 by now if I had played as much as the others


have u ever kissed a girl?

.... And did you like it?

Why Do You Type With A Capital Letter At The Beginning Of Each Word? Looks Nice, But Must Be Slow. I Can't Help But Think Your Gaming Is Suffering Due To An Overworked Pinky.

Maybe there's an app for a overworked pinky if there isn't there should be!!

I prestiged once. But don't play it anymore. Mw2 i've prestiged 4 times and on about level 30 5th time round.

Can't wait for mw3. Blops felt too much like w.a.w for me.


.... And did you like it?

And what did it taste like?



Black Plops was punted months ago due to crap gameplay both on and offline.

And nobody really cares what level you are at

Im 2nd Prestige Level 24

Im 2nd Prestige Level 25... Back of the net!

7th and 30, really sad oO
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