Black Ops release day price?

    Where will black ops be cheapest on release day and how much will it be at Sainsbury's?
    Thanks xD



    let me no if any body finds out please

    what is black ops?

    ANOTHER, call of duty black ops thread, WHEN WILL THEY STOP!!!!!

    You just have to look at misc, it's full of threads about call of duty, 13 on gaming-misc first page alone!

    Is there really a need to make another 1!

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    My gut feeling is, no supermarket will let you walk in and out with a game a cut price.

    They may do it cheap but they will want you to spend more instore on your weekly shopping.

    last year with the last cod game they did, sainsburys sold it £25 on day of release one per person and tescos and morrisons sold it for £26 for that one day. theres talk of stores opening at 12.01 am that day so maybe they are planing the same again?
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