Black over the knee socks

    Mrs saxo is wanting a pair of these for saturday but doesn know where to look, there all the rage now in england and she wants to be the first in our town to set the new trend hehe.:whistling: :giggle:

    she need it to be next day delivery or a known shop like, Next or topshop, selfridges etc in the dundee area.
    She was wondering if anyone on here that has maybe bought a pair would push her inthe right direction.



    Knee high socks. Mmmmmmm, yummy I wish the Lancaster girls knew of this trend.

    calm down:roll: the request if for OVER the knee sox

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    Yeh apparently there coming back into fashion, dannie from big brother wore the on Big brother........WOW !!! lol

    Saxo...tell the pm#d me wanting to know about suspenders...the secret is out...

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    Lol, i knew a comment like that was going to spring up

    Were actually coming up to aberdeen on sat, any shops you know of we she could look in ?
    she is also looking for some really cool ankle boots (black)

    you should look in Schu or however you spell it, but I suppose there's one of those everywhere. There's a great little shop called Harley Clothing, on the road between the Bon accord centre and St. Nicholas Centre. Go in there, and say you know me (Barry) and you will get a wee discount. Worked there for 7 years, so they will know me ;o)

    There's a great shop for knee high socks etc on george street, come out the back of the Bon-Accord Centre and walk up george street. It will be on your left but quite a bit up. It's called Retro Rebels.

    You staying the night?

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    Do you know the name of the sock place mate?

    thanks for the discount code hehe ill use it if were in there ! thanks

    yeah Retro Rebels, I edited my op!

    It's a really crazy shop, and the owner has millions of piercings. I've been to a few fashion shows with them and they are all really cool. They do loads of That type of stuff

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    You staying the night?

    Nah matey, got to go back down to my area coz me and the lass have a big 21st birthday to go to, thats why she wants this clothing.

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    ANyway have some rep for the help Bazzaric, your on 4 greens.....

    and now your on five lol

    Alrighty Saxo, How did you and the missus get on in Aberdeen?

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    hehe we never bothered she just went to dundee, we never got up out of bed till about 2pm as we were really tired from the night before

    thanks anyway for your help

    just thought id add sensible place lol have you tried claires accesories they had loads in there when i went at weekend ??
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