Black screen on Toshiba laptop

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Found 13th Oct 2010
Mother in law's laptop has decided to play games with her.
when you start up it shows the toshiba logo and then a black screen with a flashing cusor in the top left screen, no keyboard controls work at this stage.
restart it and only 2 buttons work F2 for BIOS and F12 for boot menu, F8 option does not work for safe mode.
OS is XP pro but she does not have a recovery disc.
i have changed the boot order for CD and tried some of my discs but it wont read them.
she said she was watching her laptop in bed and she fell asleep, and woke up with the no firewall warning on the taskbar showing. she clicked on it and all these programs came on, so she shut it down and it would not start this morning.
any ideas



You should never watch a laptop in bed unless its on something solid, placing it directly onto the bedding usually ends up with it overheating and dying sooner or later

sounds like overheat problem, u could try and reheatskin the processor and it could also have burn't the ram out so try replacing that

clean install, on the bottom of this laptop should be a windows version for the machine and product key, find out from this label the version of the os i.e. "xp professional" then burn to disc xp professional and you have the product key so enter it in when prommpted. sounds like a virus or malware has ran and basically caused issues from probably playing these games on a dodgy website.
f12 and boot from cd/dvd drive should work if you have properly burned an operating system image to disc.

i personally cant see it being an overheat problem, i had an old laptop on 5 days/nites a week constantly for 2 years and only the hard drive went but i was writing/reading to it all the time, also left it on my bed on for couple of days and nothing happened.
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