Black screen when making/receiving calls on Redmi note 8

Posted 22nd Oct 2021
Hi all,

Good people of HUKD, I wonder if you can help?

My phone has begun going to a black screen when making or receiving calls. I updated to MIUI 12.0.2, but no difference. It means I cannot use the keypad during calls or hang up when a call is finished.

I have done a check on the proximity sensor which appears not to be working and showing 0 on the diagnostic. So when a call is made the phone is presuming that the phone is at my ear and turns off the screen. Apparently this phone has a pseudo-proximity sensor involving tilt and a sound echo, so it appears that the problem is software related not hardware. There are many others with this issue.

It seems a common problem when doing a bit of googling but any solutions seem hit and miss. So far I have tried deleting data and cache from the phone app and system launcher then rebooting; and I have tried installing an app called call proximity sensor fix, which I couldn't get to work but might not have set up properly.
Last option is a factory reset, but I hoped someone else might have solved the problem easily before I do this.

Considering the popularity of xiaomi phones around here I wondered if anyone else had encountered this issue and/or if any solutions have been found?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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